Rainbow Bridge

When a pet dies,
That special warm place in our hearts
Suddenly become empty…
It will take time to get over the loss…
But we realize, as time passes,
That animals have a way of teaching us about
About loyalty, joy, and friendship…
And whatever we’ve shared in their presence
Can never really be lost. 

-author unkown


Jada was purchased by Josh in 2002.  Jada was purchased from a backyard breeder but we were young, uneducated and didn’t know any better.  To us, she was our first boxer and taught us how truly unique the breed is.  We learned boxers are fun loving, eager to meet new adventures and truly want to be a part of the family.  Jada’s favorite thing to do was jump from the ground right into Josh’s arms, she was much easier to catch when she was younger and thinner!   Jada had a remarkable bond with Josh’s mom and spent many of her years living with her at her home in the country.  Jada passed in 2014 at the age of 12.


July 2, 2003- June 1, 2012- Tyson was a once in a lifetime dog.  Tyson was spunky, sweet and followed loyally wherever we went.  Tyson was the dog that taught us how important breeding for health is as he developed arthritis in his hind quarters at a young age.  We vowed to do our research and purchase our next boxer from a reputable breeder and if we bred we would breed selectively to improve the health of our boxers. Torrie may be our foundation bitch but Tyson is very much at the cornerstone of our kennels beginnings and our philosophy as breeders.  Tyson had many quarks but our favorite was watching him run in to a corn field and pick out the exact corn cob we threw into it, he was amazing to watch!  Tyson passed in 2012 and is sorely missed.


Macy is the Mac of Tor-Mac, she was to be our co-foundation bitch but we never bred her as planned.  She was the second show dog we purchased from a reputable breeder and she had a fantastic show career, coming just points away from achieving her championship.  She loved showing and we learned a lot throughout her career in the ring and made some everlasting friendships along the way.  In 2014, Macy developed T-cell lymphoma.  We added several supplements to her diet, treated her with a lower dose of chemo and extended her life several months, past the veterinarian’s expectations but sadly in 2015, 7 months after being diagnosed, Macy lost her battle.  She was only 6 years old, far too young.  She encourages us to focus our philosophies on improving longevity, and seeing more grey muzzles on our dogs!